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Drupal update and git commit script

This script uses the black magic or Perl, combined with the dexterity of Drush and the wonders of git, to update modules in a Drupal installation and commit each one to the git repository, assuming there is one.


  1. Drush and git are installed and accessible in the PATH of the script.
  2. You have the proper permissions to run 'drush pm-update' and 'git commit'
  3. The current directory is at least the root of a Drupal installation, and actions such as 'drush up' can take place. This means, for now, that this does not work in the root of a multi-site installation, you need to be inside a site directory. This should change soon.
  4. The current directory is inside a git repository.
  5. There are no uncommitted changes or untracked files, in other words, the git repository must be 'clean'.


To use this script, simply run it from the root directory of the site you wish to upgrade, and after each module is updated, the script will update the database and clear cache, then ask you to verify that the site is still in working order. At the end of it all, it will show you the git log.

If you wish to skip the individual checks, you can pass the '--blind' option to have it run through all the updates, still committing each one individually, but waiting to update the database and clear cache till the end, at which point it will pause again and ask you to verify the site, before showing you the git log.

You may also pass the '--dryrun' option, to skip the meat and potatoes of the script and instead just show you the steps it would perform, or '--nodb' to simply skip the database update.


--blind                         | runs through all updates without pausing to check for breakage in between
--dryrun                        | runs through the motions without actually performing any changes
--nodb                          | runs through all code updates, but does not update the database
--core-only                     | shows only core updates (i.e. the project name = drupal)
--security-only                 | shows only security updates (i.e. the update status =~ SECURITY)
--notify|email='email[,email]'  | specify one or email addresses, separated by commas, to send the log to
--log|keeplog                   | saves the update log to a file, and prints the location at the end
--verbose                       | shows output from drush up command pertinent to the module being updated
--help|-h|-?                    | print help information and exit


  • Multisite support (update all modules regardless of status)
  • Back up database before starting
  • Only show git log for completed updates, if interrupted.