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CentOS httpd sends all output to stderr. Put it back in stdout to par…

…se it.
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commit 8569adce4d65b30a74c86aaf1f6cd1fe401a3b5b 1 parent b541769
@StephenBrown2 authored
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@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ ()
# Now we will begin by parsing the output of apache's -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS
# We're going to be examining all of the included .conf files
-open(DUMP_VHOSTS,"$APACHECTLPATH -t -S 2>/dev/null |") or die $!;
+open(DUMP_VHOSTS,"$APACHECTLPATH -t -S 2>&1 |") or die $!;
my @all_conf;
while (<DUMP_VHOSTS>) {
m@.*port\s+([0-9]+)\s+\w+\s+(\S+)\s+\((.+):([0-9])\).*@ && do {
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