Dynamically attach properties to (almost) any object instance.
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Dynamically attach properties to (almost) any object instance.

API Docs

NuGet Pre Release

The 2-Minute Intro: Connecting a "Name" to (almost) any Object

The following code shows how to connect a "Name" property to an object:

// Use the Connected Properties library.
using Nito.ConnectedProperties;

class Program
  // Display the Name of any object passed into this method.
  public static void DisplayName(object obj)
    // Look up a connected property called "Name".
    var name = ConnectedProperty.Get(obj, "Name");
    Console.WriteLine("Name: " + name);

  static void Main()
    // Create an object to name.
    var obj = new object();

    // I dub this object "Bob".
    ConnectedProperty.Set(obj, "Name", "Bob");

    // Pass the object to the DisplayName method, which is able to retrieve the connected property.

Note that the lifetime of the connected property is exactly as if it was a real property of the object, and the lifetime of the object is not changed in any way (even if the property refers to the object). Connected properties are a true ephemeron implementation for .NET.

See the documentation for all kinds of fun details.