PHP language bindings for Cloud Files API
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Yii Rackspace Connect Extension
 This extension makes it easy to upload and view files from Rackspace CloudFiles with Yii PHP Framework.

 Please see for more information regarding the
 Cloud Files storage system.

1. Extract this archive to your Extensions Folder
2. Modify Your Yii App Main Config File (ex: APP/protected/config/main.php)

	Add The Following Code Inside Your Application Components Array
	'rackspaceconnect'=>array('class' => 'ext.RackspaceConnect.RackspaceConnect',
				'login'=>'LOGIN', // Insert Your Rackspace Login Here
				'key'=>'KEY'),  // Insert Your Rackspace API Key here
	The Array Begins Like:
			// application components
3. Thats It. You've Successfully Installed the Yii Rackspace Connect Extension. Now to move to examples.
* You will want to insert your rackspace login and API key into the correct value where the uppercase login and key should be your info.

 [mandatory] PHP version 5.x (developed against 5.2.0)
 [mandatory] PHP's cURL module
 [mandatory] PHP enabled with mbstring (multi-byte string) support
 [suggested] PEAR FileInfo module (for Content-Type detection)

Currently there are 2 uses for this extension. You can add files to a Rackspace Cloud container and you can view them. We will need to add a method to delete files.

Uploading Files to Rackspace File Container
  Lets say you have a file upload form that you'd like to use to add the files to Rackspace.
  1. Go to your Controller's actionCreate method.
  2. Add the following code.
	 $model->file=CUploadedFile::getInstance($model,'file'); // 'file' is the name of file input field I have uploaded
							if (isset($model->file)){
			$target_path = $model->file->getName();  // This sets the new file name as the one uploaded. You can change
							$model->file->saveAs($target_path);  // You MUST upload to your server first
							Yii::app()->rackspaceconnect->upload('teepopz2', $target_path); // Replace CONTAINER with your desired container
  3. Thats it.
  * Yii::app()->rackspaceconnect->upload($container, $file); //Function that uploads to Rackspace Container

Viewing and Retrieving Files from Container

1. Add the following function into any view file.

* This grabs all the files inside of the container as an array. You will need a foreach, for or while loop to display them.

	/* Display as a list */
	$myContainer = Yii::app()->rackspaceconect->run($container); // Replace $container with desired container.. 'siteContainer'
	echo '<ul>';
	foreach ($myContainer as $file){
		echo '<li>'.$file.'</li>';
	echo '</ul>';
	/* Grab a Single file */
	$myContainer = Yii::app()->rackspaceconnnect->run($container);
	$fileName = 'myFile.jpg';
	foreach ($myContainer as $file){
		if($file == $fileName) echo $file; // Echoes the filename. Doesn't display the file
	// You can have several ways to grab single files. We will also want to write a new function to grab just a single file.
	/* Display all images */
	$myContainer = Yii::app()->rackspaceconnect->run($container);
	$containerUrl = 'http://containerurl' // Replace with your Container URL
	foreach($myContainer as $file){
		if(strripos($file, '.jpg') !== false)
			echo '<img src="'.$containerUrl.'/'.$file.'" alt="'.$file.'" />';
	// Note that this simply retrieves and displays the images. You'll want to play with the formatting and how you want to view the images.
This is a very solid and good start to a Rackspace cloud file extension but it definitely can be developed more. Here are some of my thoughts.

1. Method to delete files.
2. Method to call single files using arguments.
3. Improve updating method to check if file exist and possibly rename file.

Basically, I am attributing 'I could care less' policy with what you do with it but I'll choose the standard MIT license since this probably won't work in legal circles.

	/* Licensed under the MIT license: */ 
My name is Stephen Miracle and you may contact me via my website at if you have any questions.