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Get email reminders based on parsed dates in GitHub Issue Comments: Sinatra + GitHub OAuth + Qless + Chronic gem + Email = GitHub-Reminders
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Server side app and Webhook to parse GitHub Issue Comments and generate scheduled Email reminders based on the parsed comment

Sinatra + GitHub OAuth + Qless + Chronic gem + Email = GitHub-Reminders

Worker (executes scheduled emails):

Reminder Syntax

While in a Issue make a comment with the following:

  • :alarm_clock: Next Friday at 3:05pm #=> Next Friday at 3:05pm

  • :alarm_clock: [Date/Time] | [Reminder Comment]

screen shot 2014-05-07 at 10 47 57 pm


  1. The Reminder Syntax must be at the beginning of the Issue Comment.

  2. The goal is to treat the comment as a "record" containing the Reminder.

  3. The separator between the Date and time of the reminder and the "reminder comment" is the pipe character | (above the enter/return key). Future versions will support Reminder Comments in new lines without the need for the | pipe.

  4. The DateTime is parsed by the Chronic gem. Any date and time format the Chronic gem can parse is supported.

  5. provides all timestamps as a UTC timezone, therefore you will need to choose your timezone in your "profile" in the Sinatra app. The reminder's Date/Time will parsed using your profile's timezone.

  6. The Sinatra app will provide the ability to view your scheduled reminders for each repo/issue queue and a set number of "completed" reminders.

  7. Email API is being used to send emails. The code has been designed to be agnostic of the specific email service.

Features to be built

  1. Once hook is added to the repo, any user can signup and receive notifications

Process Overview:

process overview

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