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Snippets for SaltStack

This repository contains snippets files for SaltStack state files.


  • script used for generating snippets from salt source
  • snippets/*: generated snippets go here


You need to install a snippet engine first. Currently neosnippet is supported, and thanks to neosnippet's compatibility to vim-snipmate, it is also supported.

I will only cover configuration for neosnippet, since I only use this. You are welcome to help me complete this instruction.

  1. Save the snippets/ directory somewhere vim can find, like:

    cd ~/.vim/
    git clone
    # you may also only copy the snippets/ directory here
  2. Add the snippets/ directory to g:neosnippet#snippets_directory:

    " g:neosnippet#snippets_directory is a comma-seperated string or list,
    " I prefer using list.
    let g:neosnippet#snippets_directory = [$HOME . "/.vim/vim-snippets-salt/snippets/"]
  3. Since different versions of salt have different amount of states functions, you can generate snippets for each version you need. Snippets are named as sls-$version.sls, so you need to set g:neosnippet#scope_alias to tell neosnippet which file to use. e.g.

    " g:neosnippet#scope_aliases is a dictionary, initialize it if you haven't done it
    let g:neosnippet#scope_aliases = {}
    let g:neosnippet#scope_aliases['sls'] = 'sls-0.17.2'

    scope_aliases[filetype] is a comma-seperated string, all listed variant snippets will be loaded, so make sure you only list one here, or multiple versions if you realy need.

    For vim-snipmate, there is also a g:snipMate.scope_aliases which does the same thing.

Generating Snippets

You can generate snippets by yourself. You have to get saltstack source code and make sure salt is importable. The will import salt.states.* and find functions for each module, if any required library is missing, the generation will fail.

# This will try to import salt from system, detect its version, and save output to snippets/sls-$version.snippets

If you have salt source stored elsewhere, or want to generate for a specific version, you can do like this:

cd ~/salt/
git checkout v0.17.2
/path/to/ -p ~/salt/

Sometimes, we would like to ignore function argument name, since in most cases we don't need it, you can ignore it:

./ -i name

-i may be specified multiple times to ignore multiple args.

I have added two pre-generated snippets for version 0.17.2 and 2014.1.5 with name ignored.