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User Guide.pdf


Django Market Place Documentation
Please See LICENSE File
Authors: Stephen Power and Contributors

Documentation contains

1) RAW HTML for updating / processing
2) PDF for easy viewing

Django Market Has Three Goals:

Support Online Activities For Small to Medium Businesses: Marketing, Selling, Inventory Management & Customer Management
Aggregate "normal" business activities (inventory, customers,auctions, selling) to trigger marketing, selling, searching activities. Same for blogging.
SAAS Allow a single platform to host multiple marketplaces and multiple stores on each marketplace


I'm not looking to build every conceivable feature.
Focus on the features small business need and make sure they are intuitive and easy to use.
Let's figure out what needs to be cut, that's just as important
Target Audience

Small Business Owners Paying high listing fees at the usual places
Designers, allowing them to build beautiful websites easily
Documentation Sets

There are Three Sets of Documentation:

Small Business Owners on how to use their shops (UserGuide.pdf)
Designers On How to Build shops (Designer.pdf)
Developers on how to install, run and extend Django Market(Developers.pdf)

Extensive documentation is a sign of a poorly implemented end user software:) 
No documentation is just lazy