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An abyssal module marketplace for EVE Online.
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Abyssal Market

This is the source code behind It's a website that allows users to browse, appraise and buy abyssal modules that are available on the contract market.

There are no tests, there is no CI, there is no quality control, there is no documentation, there is only pain and suffering here. Run this software at your own risk.


  1. Install the requirements: pipenv install.
  2. Configure the settings by copying abyssal_markets/settings/ to abyssal_markets/settings/ and configure it as any other Django project.
  3. Run all migrations: pipenv run python migrate.
  4. Run a web server (pipenv run python runserver) and a Huey consumer (pipenv run python run_huey -w 4) at the same time.


You can either make a pull request or submit an issue. Any contribution is appreciated, even if it's just a feature request.

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