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An Android client for the microblogging server Mastodon
Kotlin Java
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Musky is a beautiful uncensored Android client for Mastodon. Mastodon is a GNU social-compatible federated social network. That means not one entity controls the whole network, rather, like e-mail, volunteers and organisations operate their own independent servers, users from which can all interact with each other seamlessly.

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  • Material Design
  • Most Mastodon APIs implemented
  • Multi-Account support
  • Dark, light and black themes with the possibility to auto-switch based on the time of day
  • Drafts - compose toots and save them for later
  • Choose between different emoji styles
  • Optimized for all screen sizes
  • Completely open-source - no non-free dependencies like Google services


If you have any bug reports, feature requests or questions please open an issue or send us a toot at!

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