Weather-Related Drinking Game
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Weather-Related Drinking Game

How it Works

Simply press the menu icon to select a city. You will be shown the current weather conditions. Press the eye icon to reveal said city's temperature.

Rules of the Game

A city is selected and the current weather conditions are revealed to all players. The first player guesses the current temperature of the selected city. Each player follows with guesses - the same number cannot be selected twice. After all players have guessed, the temperature is revealed. The player whose guess was closest has won the round; Each other player must drink one second for each degree their guess was over/under by. When a player guesses the exact temperature, it is called a ROKER, and each other player must now double the amount they would otherwise have to drink for being wrong. The next round begins with the player to the left of the previous round's starter.


What if two people tie for closest guess? Then neither are required to drink. Everyone else drinks as normal.

Is it closest guess, without going over? No. But I'm not your mother, make your own rules if you want.

Why am I so drunk? You're probably not very good at this game.

See it in action

Developed by Stephen Widom with the help of the simpleWeather API