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A simple jQuery plugin for basic form validation.
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A simple jQuery plugin for basic form validation




statusElement: '.status'

Element that will display the status returned (either errorMessage or successMessage)

requiredClass: 'req'

Class of required form elements

errorClass: 'error'

Class to add to inputs with errors

validateOnBlur: true

Check value on input's blur

emailClass: 'validateEmail'

Class of inputs containing emails

zipClass: 'validateZip'

Class of inputs container zip codes

useFontAwesome: false

Add an .fa-warning to error messages

filterSpam: false

Submit a value for $_POST['timer'], which can be used by your form handler to determine if a submission is suspicious

useAJAX: false

Submit the form asynchronously

handlerPath: 'handleForm.php'

Where to submit the form (if using AJAX)

disableOnSuccess: true

Disable form controls on success

successStatus: 'success'

What a successful submission will return (from your form handler)

replaceForm: false

Replace the whole form element (instead of just the .status text) with success message

clearInputs: false

Clear inputs, textareas, selects within form element on successful form submission

submitMessage: 'Submitting...'

Message displayed while form is submitting

successMessage: 'Thanks for contacting us!'

Success message to be displayed

errorMessage: 'Please complete all required fields.'

Error message displayed when form fails to validate

statusHidden: false

Start with status element hidden

callback: function(){}

Function called on successful form submission

See it in action

Developed by Stephen Widom -

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