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SAFullBodyIK (Reconstucts & TestBuilds)
/ What's this.
- FullBodyIK component for Unity.
- This software is "Reconstructs & TestBuilds". It's mean very unstable.
/ How to use.
- Add SA.FullBodyIK to any GameObject.
- If target model is "Humanoid", it's enabled automatic bone settings.
- If target model is "Generic", it's disabled automatic bone settings.(You should
/ Disclaimer
I'm not responsible for the software.
You can use this software without charge.
However all uses should write my copyrights & "Using SAFullBodyIK" in notice / readme.
/ History
2016/01/21 Early Support Hand Twist Bone.
2016/01/20 Support Knee Angular Settings.
2016/01/19 Release Reconstucts & TestBuilds.