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How To Build a Personal Website

Guides & Resources for Building a Portfolio Website to Help Land a Software Engineering Position


Many software engineers have a portfolio website where they showcase themselves. This is an ideal place to point recruiters to in order to display your technical abilities and provide them with any relevant information about yourself. Generally on a portfolio website you will provide information about yourself, contact information, a resume, and a portfolio. This directory provides links to articles I wrote that describe my discoveries of best practices and optimal strategies to build and display a personal website to enhance your chances in the hiring process.

This Repository

This repository includes all the code for my portfolio website and I welcome you to clone it to use as a template.

My Portfolio Website:


  1. What is a Personal Website
  2. Buying a Domain Name for a Personal Website
  3. How to Hosting Your Personal Website with GitHub Pages
  4. How to Point a Domain on Google Domains to GitHub Pages
  5. How to Design & Develop a Personal Website
  6. What to Include on a Personal Website
  7. Software Engineering Resume - Best Practices
  8. Resources to Help Land a Software Engineering Position