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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Converts the old Pickle backend to the new JSON backend.
import sys, os
from storebackends.picklestore import DataStore as PickleStore
from storebackends.jsonfile import DataStore as JsonStore
from optparse import OptionParser
parser = OptionParser()
#parser.add_option("-b", "--base-dir", dest="basedir", default="~/.phenny",
# help="use DIR as the phenny dir", metavar="DIR")
parser.add_option("-q", "--quiet",
action="store_false", dest="verbose", default=True,
help="don't print status messages to stdout")
class FakeModule(object):
__name__ = None
def __init__(self, name):
self.__name__ = name
status = None
def convertmodule(mname):
mod = FakeModule(mname)
src = PickleStore(None, mod, {})
dst = JsonStore(None, mod, {})
for k,v in src.iteritems():
dst[k] = v
if __name__ == '__main__':
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if options.verbose:
status = sys.stdout
status = open('/dev/null', 'w')
if args:
mods = args
mods = [ fn[:-len('.store')]
for fn in os.listdir(os.path.expanduser('~/.phenny'))
if fn.endswith('.store')
if mods:
for mname in mods:
print >> status, "Converting %s..." % mname
print >> sys.stderr, "No modules available."