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Accessible User Experience Framework

People First: Designing for Differences

People are the first consideration, and sites are designed with the needs of everyone in the audience in mind.

Clear Purpose: Well-Defined Goals

People enjoy products that are designed for the audience and guided by a defined purpose and goals.

Solid Structure: Built to Standards

People feel confident using the design because it is stable, robust, and secure.

Easy Interaction: Everything Works

People can use the product across all modes of interaction and operating with a broad range of devices.

Helpful Wayfinding: Guides Users

People can navigate a site, feature, or page following self-explanatory signposts.

Clean Presentation: Supports Meaning

People can perceive and understand elements in the design.

Plain Language: Creates a Conversation

People can read, understand, and use the information.

Accessible Media: Supports All Senses

People can understand and use information contained in media, such as images, audio, video, animation, and presentations.

Universal Usability: Creates Delight

People can focus on the experience and their own goals because the product anticipates their needs.

Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery: A Web for Everyone

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