Template questionnaire for freelance work
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Template questionnaire for freelance work


  • Timing. What's the start date, end date, and the reason for those dates?
  • Scope. What services do you require: User Experience, Design, Development? What stuff do you have already? Who's on your team for this project?
  • Money. How much money have you put aside for this? Is it more like R10,000, R100,000, or R1,000,000? A shed, a house, or a castle? I charge {{ week rate }}.
  • Iron Triangle. How flexible are these three things?

Not for me if...

  • Timing. Super-short timeline.
  • Scope. Very vague scope. In a silo away from others working on the project.
  • Money. Won't talk about money.
  • Iron Triangle. All three fixed.

Strongly prefer...

  • Open Source
  • Social good / social justice
  • Focus on South Africa(n)