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Impact Mapping Workshop outline

Intro 10m

General introduction, talk about roles.

Intro presentation

The Map 10m

The specifics of an Impact Map.

Why, Who, How, What map handout: map with Why, Who, How, What.

Maps print out for wall: big Why, Who, How, What pages.

Example 5m

Discuss the Example Impact Map

Agenda presentation 5m

Quick agenda presentation


1. Discover real goals 20m

Stickies on the wall.

  • identify possible goals
  • end should clearly show how to save money, earn money or protect money

2. Define good measurements 20m

Talk through Measurement printouts for the wall.

Stickies on the wall.

  • what we’ll measure (‘scale’)
  • how we’ll measure it (‘meter’)
  • what the situation is like now (‘benchmark’)
  • the minimum acceptable value, the break-even point
  • for investment (‘constraint’)
  • the desired value (‘target’)

3. Plan your first milestone 10m

Dot votes.

Weigh the decisions.


1. Draw the map skeleton 40m

  • Stickies on the whiteboard.

  • Use different coloured stickies for each step. Circle each layer off.

  • All the way through.

  • Just get a rough first draft.

  • Check the connections.

2. Find alternatives 20m

Optionally use find alternatives print out.

  • What else could they do for us?
  • Who else can help? How?
  • Who can obstruct us?

3. Identify key priorities 20m

Dot voting.

  • what can stop us before we even start?
  • high-value, low-hanging, fruit?
  • key assumptions to test?

4. Earn or learn


  • What is the simplest way to support this activity?
  • What else could we do?
  • If we’re unsure about the assumption, what is the simplest way to test it?