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Toggl API .net wrapper

Toggl is a free time tracking application. https://www.toggl.com/

It provides an API and this is a .net wrapper for that API! (Example Use)

There are 3 projects in the solution. 1 - TogglApi. This is a class library project containing the API. 2 - TogglApi.Web. An MVC 4 project just to play with the API. 3 - TogglApi.Tests. An MS Tests project that will contain coded tests for the API.

The solution has been created in VS 2012.

It supports both username/password and api token authentication.

As of 17.12.2013 I have just started the project, as part of an internal project to look at Toggl. So there really isn't much in the API at present, but I plan to build it out step by step and share the code here.

For the API I have used the well know REST library RESTSharp. http://restsharp.org/

I have used JSON C# Class Generator to help build the model classes. https://jsonclassgenerator.codeplex.com/