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Title says it. URL rewrite wouldn't be needed for admin panel.

A code review would be appreciated.


Nice. Will test over the next few days. Thanks!


Question : there are issue in admin panel rewriting ? I didn't test and use it btw


URL rewrite helps for survey pages, because otherwise it's always a fixed URL which doesn't include even question ID. However this is not the case with admin panel. Admin panel URLs include necessary information. Furthermore, rewriten admin URLs looked meaningless in my use case.


Hi Maliayas, First: thanks for your work. Very much appreciated.

Quick update:
Over the weekend I tested the PR. According tomy piwik logs, a customurl is specified when rewriting is ON and user is accessing an admin page. More improtantly, the cutomurl is not the actual url being accessed, and leads to a 404 error when visited. I don't thik this should happen?

Will investigate further; but if anyone could confirm/deny expected vs actual behaviour that'd be helpful.

Otherwise, watch this space -- it could be my error :)

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