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CodeGen Release Notes

  • We added experimental support for generating code for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases by adding a new command line option -database. This option allows you to specify a target database type and affects the SQL-compatible data types that are generated by the field loop expansion token <FIELD_SQLTYPE>. If this option is not used then the default database continues to be Microsoft SQL Server, but this default may be changed via the new environment variable CODEGEN_DATABASE_TYPE. Before considering this support final we would appreciate any feedback from developers working with MySQL or PostgreSQL about whether we have chosen appropriate data type mappings. A list of these data type mappings can be found here.
  • We changed the SQL Server data type mappings for D6 (YYMMDD) dates from DECIMAL(6) to DATE.
  • We changed the SQL Server data type mappings for D6 (YYYYPP) and D4 (YYPP) period numbers from CHAR(6) and CHAR(4) to DECIMAL(6) and DECIMAL(4) respectively.
  • We changed the SQL Server data type mappings for nullable time (HHMMSS and HHMM) from DECIMAL(6) and DECIMAL(4) to TIME(0).
  • This version of CodeGen was built with Synergy/DE 10.3.3b and requires a minimum Synergy runtime version of 10.1.1.

Symphony Framework Components

  • Symphony Orchestrator was upgraded to use Symphony Framework V3.2.11.
  • There were no Symphony Framework template file changes in this release.
  • There were no Symphony Framework CodeGen Extensions changes in this release.