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Icon Theme

This theme is a Hugo port of the icon theme by It is a single-page, responsive theme, with sections for describing your business mission, services, a gallery, your team and a contact form.


Follow the themes guide on the Hugo website. Briefly, within your Hugo folder:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

Getting started

Copy exampleSite/config.toml into the root of your website folder, and edit it to your hearts content!

Add theme = "hugo-icon" to this config, or when serving, use hugo server -t hugo-icon.

Adding additional pages

If you'd like to add additional pages, say for a blog, place your content in /content/blog/ (with an and additional markdown files for each entry).

To link to it from the main menu, add the following line to layouts/partials/nav.html:

<a href="/blog" onclick="location.href='/blog';">Blog</a>


Credit for this theme goes fully to, which is licensed under a CC BY 3.0 license. If you use this Hugo port, please consider the terms of that license and make proper attribution to


A changelog for the initial port by @SteveLane is here; if you fork this theme and make changes, please list them.

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