pyRenamer is an application to change the names of several files at the same time. This fork currently includes renames based of file creation/modification dates, as well as improved removal of accent characters.
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-=   pyRenamer 0.6.0    =-

  pyRenamer is an application for mass renaming files.

  You can rename files using patterns, substitutions,
  insert or delete text, or even rename files manually.
  You can also rename images using their EXIF tags
  and music using their internal tags.

  pyRenamer is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

-= You need =_
  * python
  * pygtk (>= 2.6)
  * gconf
  * python-hachoir-metadata (for music renaming)
    python-eyed3 (for renaming MP3s)

-= To install =-
  $ ./configure --prefix /usr
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

-= To run pyRenamer =-

  $ pyrenamer
  		This will launch pyRenamer

  $ pyrenamer /home/user/Music
		This will launch pyRenamer and select /home/user/Music as active dir

  $ pyrenamer --root /mnt/music
  		This will set /mnt/music as the roor dir on left directories tree

  $ pyrenamer --root /mnt/music /mnt/music/hardcorepunk
  		This is like above option, but setting /mnt/music/hardcorepunk as active dir

  $ pyrenamer --help
  		This will show available command line options

-= Website =-
  More info on:

-= Author =-
  Adolfo González Blázquez <>

-= Translators =-
  French: Christophe Perez <>
  German: Vinzenz Vietzke <>
          Christian Kirbach <>

-= TreeFileBrowser =-
  pyRenamer uses a widget called, which is a tree-like file browser,
  just like the one on Nautilus side bar.
  You can see its source code on src/
  There's an example on how to use it on doc/

-= Thanks =-
  pyRenamer uses from Daniel J. Popowich <>
  pyRenamer uses from Gene Cash <>
  Thanks to Piotr Ożarowski for sponsoring Debian packages and helping debugging
  Thanks to Jeremy Messenger for freebsd packaging and helping debugging
  Thanks to Jan Virt for czech language accents replacement