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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace Kerberos.NET.Crypto
public abstract class CryptoPal
protected static readonly bool IsWindows
= RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform(OSPlatform.Windows);
protected static readonly bool IsLinux
= RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform(OSPlatform.Linux);
protected static readonly bool IsOsX
= RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform(OSPlatform.OSX);
public static CryptoPal Platform => lazyPlatform.Value;
private static Lazy<CryptoPal> lazyPlatform
= new Lazy<CryptoPal>(() => CreatePal());
public abstract OSPlatform OSPlatform { get; }
private static Func<CryptoPal> injectedPal;
public static void RegisterPal(Func<CryptoPal> palFunc)
injectedPal = palFunc ?? throw new InvalidOperationException("Cannot register a null PAL");
private static CryptoPal CreatePal()
var injected = injectedPal;
if (injected != null)
return injected();
if (IsWindows)
return new WindowsCryptoPal();
if (IsLinux)
return new LinuxCryptoPal();
if (IsOsX)
return new OSXCryptoPal();
throw PlatformNotSupported();
public abstract IHashAlgorithm Md4();
public abstract IHashAlgorithm Md5();
public abstract IHmacAlgorithm HmacMd5();
public abstract IHmacAlgorithm HmacSha1();
public abstract IKeyDerivationAlgorithm Rfc2898DeriveBytes();
public abstract IHashAlgorithm Sha1();
public abstract IHashAlgorithm Sha256();
public abstract ISymmetricAlgorithm Aes();
public abstract IKeyAgreement DiffieHellmanP256();
public abstract IKeyAgreement DiffieHellmanModp2();
public abstract IKeyAgreement DiffieHellmanModp2(IExchangeKey privateKey);
public abstract IKeyAgreement DiffieHellmanModp14();
public abstract IKeyAgreement DiffieHellmanModp14(IExchangeKey privateKey);
protected static PlatformNotSupportedException PlatformNotSupported(string algorithm = "CryptoPal")
throw new PlatformNotSupportedException(
$"A crypto implementation of {algorithm} does not exist for {RuntimeInformation.OSDescription}"
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