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Bulb cost comparison web app written with AngularJS
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Bulb Cost Calculator

A simple AngularJS App

Screenshot of app

This is the AngularJS app I built while completing the AngularJS course Creating a Calculation Tool with AngularJS 1. I have made the code more readable than what was taught in the course and added a few more finishing touches.

What the app does

The app compares the cost of running different types of bulbs, depending on the price of electricity and how many hours a day the bulb is used. The user can also set the brightness of the bulb, so they can see what the equivalent bulb wattage is across all the different types of bulbs.

How to run the app

Simply load the index.html file in your modern browser.

Required Libraries and Dependencies

A copy of AngularJS is included in the repository. There are no other dependencies.

Project contents

This project consists for the following files:

  • index.html - the main HTML file to directly load in a browser
  • assets/ - directory containing images, JavaScript and CSS files
    • images/ - directory containing images of bulbs, arrows and screen shot
    • angular.min.js - a compressed version on the AngularJS library
    • calculator.css - the cascading style sheet for the app
    • calculator.js - where the AngularJS app and a controller is defined

How to contribute

Got an idea of how to make the bulb calculator better? Then submit a pull request to get the balling rolling.

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