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@Steveice10 Steveice10 released this Jul 13, 2017 · 99 commits to master since this release

  • Add ETA to I/O tasks. (thanks @speed47)
  • Allow specifying a title version when installing CDN titles outside of the ticket list.
  • Display TitleDB app information during installation.
  • Enable GZIP compression on HTTP requests. (thanks @caycehouse)
  • Timeout HTTP requests after 30 seconds.
  • Update to ctrulib v1.3.0 and citro3d v1.3.0. Fixes returning to homebrew menu when launched as a 3DSX on Luma3DS.
  • Update to TitleDB API v1.
  • Fix duplicate list entries when pasting directories that already exist in target.
  • Fix HTTP request URLs not being properly encoded. (thanks @Jerry-Shaw)
  • Fix "Repeat last request" sometimes mixing multiple previous URLs.
  • servefiles: Add interactive mode, triggered when no arguments are provided. (thanks @turboclear)
  • servefiles: Add sendurls tool to directly send a list of URLs to the network installer. (thanks @connesc)
  • servefiles: Fix batch script when in directory with spaces.
  • servefiles: Fix occasional error launching again shortly after a previous use. (thanks @miniskipper)
  • servefiles: Fix Python 2 compatibility.
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