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@Steveice10 Steveice10 released this Jan 2, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

  • Remove TitleDB support.
  • Add TLSv1.2 support.
    • In testing, speeds were ~70-80kbps, which should be good enough for homebrew downloads.
      • I hope to investigate the matter further and improve speeds in the future, but wanted to finally get something out for the time being.
    • Downloads from sources that support earlier TLS versions (i.e. not GitHub) will continue to use the 3DS's built-in HTTP stack, and thus should progress at the same speeds as before.
  • Revert the built-in updater back to using GitHub.

Make sure to report any new issues caused by these changes. The issue ticket for TLSv1.2 support can be found here.

Also, this update cannot be installed using the built-in updater, as the TitleDB servers are no longer available for previous versions of FBI to pull from. (UPDATE: The author of TitleDB has stated that the TitleDB servers are now set up to serve the new FBI release to the updater, so older versions should be able to update in-app now.)

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