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E-Store is NOT an online shopping system; instead it is a business management system. Similar Off-The-Shelf products include: Microsoft Dynamics GP ( and SAGE ( Both of them may give you an overview taste and the reasons why a bespoke system is preferable.

E-Store aims to have a suite of store management functionalities such as price control, inventory control, delivery charge, approval of financial support, and performance analysis.

• Price Control: E-Store allows the store manager to set the price of the products and to select products on a variety of sale offers, which include 3 for 2, buy one get one free, free delivery charges

• Inventory Control: stock is monitored all the time by uploading data from the warehouse database. Items out of stock will be ordered from the central inventory system at the headquarters. E-Store generates warning messages for items in low stock automatically and also sends them to the mobile message box of the store manager

• Loyalty Card: the store can make further special offers to customers who regularly use their branches

• Finance Approval: E-Store offers its customer the opportunity to buy now and pay later using an online finance system, Enabling, which is linked to E-Store via a portal.

• Reports and Analysis: E-Store tracks the purchase activities of customers from the accounting database and generates reports on how the store is performing

a. With a rich client, every operation happens locally, which provides the best user experience and fastest response

b. The store part can function completely when the headquarters is temporarily unavailable or even down, and the customers, employees and managers are not affected at all.

c. The sacrifice of real-time data to the headquarters will only affect the reporting system in some limited scope

d. The headquarters gets pressure only when it’s necessary to sync the data, which makes the headquarters safer and more responsive.

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