My personal website, here I post what I am up to at the moment.
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I am hosting my personal website from this repository, it is available at, here I will post information about myself, what I do and what I have done. This website is build with Docusaurus a powerfull static site generator, build by Facebook opensource. Originally used for managing documentation for opensource projects, but also usefull for a personall website and blog.


  • Docusaurus
  • Bootstrap 4.1.1
  • JQuery
  • Popper
  • gh-pages 1.2.0
  • Node.js

Setup Site locally

clone the repository: git clone

Make sure you are in the right directory: cd website

Install packages: npm install


yarn install

Run the project:

npm run start


yarn start

Helpfull commands

Start the project, with live reload server for development: npm run start

Build static HTML pages, website will be placed in the build directory: npm run build

Build HTML pages and deploy site to GitHub pages: npm run deploy

Just deploy the site without building it, for manual builds: npm run deploy-without-build