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don't copy .svn files

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1 parent 2e2dc9d commit 1becd574b2bedfb6d43121f39264207f5378fc00 @mojavelinux mojavelinux committed Jul 17, 2010
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ echo Generating archetype from project into $ARCHETYPE_BUILD_DIR...
mvn clean archetype:create-from-project
echo Relocating generated archetype project to $ARCHETYPE_DIR...
rsync -az --exclude `basename $0` --exclude archetype-pom.xml --exclude eclipse-dot-files $ARCHETYPE_BUILD_DIR/src $ARCHETYPE_DIR/
-rsync -az eclipse-dot-files/ $ARCHETYPE_RESOURCES_DIR/
+rsync -az --exclude .svn eclipse-dot-files/ $ARCHETYPE_RESOURCES_DIR/
cp -f archetype-pom.xml $ARCHETYPE_DIR/pom.xml
mvn -f $ARCHETYPE_DIR/pom.xml clean
echo Patching generated archetype...

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