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So, what is this project all about? We aim to provide all .NET developers an easy to use, well documented library and tools to use in their own applications using Guild Wars 2 data. The goal is to provide the developers with an entry point to the api service, without having to piece the scattered information together for themselves. While the /V2/ nodes have made live mauch easier, there is still work to do and we take (msot) of it off your back!

Currently this wrapper is the most complete .NET implementation out there and of the writing of this readme the most complete of all. We are a bit proud of that.

We also have a chat, that you can use if you have questions and think an issue is too big for it


So without further ado, happy coding and see you ingame folks!


  • Windows: .NET 4.5+

Online resources

Troubleshooting and support

  • Usage or programming related question? Open an issue on the issue tracker
  • Found a bug or missing a feature? Feed the issue tracker
Windows (x86/amd64)
master master win

Quick contributing guide

  • Fork and clone locally
  • Create a topic specific branch. Add some nice feature. Do not forget the tests ;-)
  • Send a Pull Request to spread the fun!

More thorough information available in the wiki.

Implementation Progress

Below is a compatibility matrix of API endpoints and other features.

Feature Supported Planned NuGet Package
/v1/build.json V1 Builds NuGet
/v1/event_names.json V1 Event Names
/v1/map_names.json V1 Map Names
/v1/world_names.json V1 World Names
/v1/event_details.json V1 Event Details
/v1/guild_details.json V1 Guilds
/v1/items.json V1 Items
/v1/item_details.json V1 Item Details
/v1/recipes.json V1 Recipes
/v1/recipe_details.json V1 Recipe Details
/v1/skins.json V1 Skins
/v1/skin_details.json V1 Skin Details
/v1/continents.json V1 Continents
/v1/maps.json V1 Maps
/v1/map_floor.json V1 Maps
/v1/wvw/matches.json V1 WvW Matches
/v1/wvw/match_details.json V1 WvW Match Details
/v1/wvw/objective_names.json V1 WvW Objective Details
/v2/quaggans.json V2 Quaggans
/v2/commerce/exchange V2 Exchange
/v2/commerce/listings V2 Listings
/v2/commerce/prices V2 Prices
/v2/items V2 Items
/v2/recipes V2 Recipes
/v2/recipes/search V2 Recipe Search
/v2/worlds V2 Wolds
/v2/build V2 Builds
/v2/files V2 Files
/v2/colors V2 Colors
/v2/continents V2 Continents
/v2/skins V2 Skins
/v2/maps V2 Maps Render
MumbleLink Mumble


Below is a list of known projects that use GW2.NET. Want your project added to this list? Send us a message!

GW2 Personal Assistant Overlay

Project page:

(Somewhat) Important Links

  • You can find the official thread on the Guild Wars 2 here
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