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Forward debugging messages from one browser to another
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JS Remote Console


JS Remote Console is useful for a web developer debugging a mobile site who is frustated by their inability to see their debugging statements generated with console.log on a mobile browser.

There are other possible solutions to this problem, but JS Remote Console aims to solve it with the least amount of setup.


  1. Open and copy the provided <script> tag
  2. Insert the <script> tag into your page's HTML source
  3. Load your page and watch your debugging statements appear on


This is not a replacement for a browser's developer tools. Debugging a complex application takes a lot more than simple debug messages, and you should invest in learning to use the right tools for the job.

If you are debugging on an Android device, you should be able to connect the device to your computer and get access to full developer tools.

If you are debugging on an iOS device then you should be able to connect it to your Mac computer to access full developer tools. I actually created this project because I don't own a Mac computer and believed that I would not be able to see debug messages on iOS any other way. However, it looks like this other project could have addressed my situation.

This project only works with the following functions that generate debug messages

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