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In-browser tool for choosing the appropriate statistical test (SPSS, hypothesis testing) #significancetesting #SPSS #javascript
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Which Statistical test should I use?

ANOVA or Logistic regression? Pearson corrrelation or Spearman's rank? Factorial Repeated Measures ANOVA or Factorial Mixed ANOVA?
These doubts are what this tool is for.

Javascript wizard for choosing the appropriate statistical test (hypothesis testing)


-> Go to

or run this from


Choosing the appropriate analysis/test for your project is sometimes difficult, often time consuming and always important.

What does it do?
This tool simply asks you a question (multiple choice) about your dataset or research design. Based on your answer a second questions is asked (again in multiple choice). This continues until are relevant information is gathered (maximum of 7 questions) about your dataset and research design to tell you which hypothesis test is the correct one for your project.
Full post:

Is it fast?
Yes. It is all JavaScript so each new question does not require a pageload. You load the page once, and that is all.

Which hypothesis test are 'included' in this tool?
"Biserial/Point-Biserial Correlation",
"Mann-Whitney Test",\
"Wilcoxon Matched-Pairs Test",
"One Way independent ANOVA",
"Kruskal-Wallis Test",
"One Way Repeated Measures ANOVA",
"Friedman’s ANOVA",
"Pearson Correlation,
"Spearman Correlation,
"Kendall’s Tau",
"Independent Factorial ANOVA,
"Multiple Regression",
"Factorial Repeated Measures ANOVA",
"Factorial Mixed ANOVA",
"Pearson Chi-Square,
"Likelihood Ratio",
"Logistic Regression,
"Loglinear Analysis",
"Factorial MANOVA",

Go to to find out which is the correct statistical test for your research design and datatypes.

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