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This will be the last update for mcscript fixing the most crucial bugs and simple requests. Thank you so much for all your support, all users of mcscript and the contributers for this update.

  • added: you can now use the keyword trigger after a new variables name to convert the scoreboard to trigger
  • added: The in keyword acts as a alias for dimension now
  • added: A new unless keyword which does the same as the if keyword, but negates the condition
  • added: aside console the Javascript Math object is now also accessible in the modaljs block
  • fixed: if keyword did not recognize variables with a fakeplayername as entity
  • fixed: negative numbers were not allowed
  • fixed: possibility to generate packs with uppercase namespaces
  • fixed crash if parser returned undefined
  • formatting and improved code readability

Thanks KaidenP and viniciuslrangel for fixing annoying bugs, sorry that this release took so long.

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  • added: log.var core modal and documentation
  • fixed: watch did not reset variables, modals and booleans on recompile
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  • added: new JavaScript Modal here by cblech.
  • added: Map const type
  • added: Array const type
  • new structured documentation at
  • refactored the code
  • fixed: extend bugs. I am very sorry that this took so long :(
  • fixed: forEach operation

Install the new version with npm i -g mcscript@latest
or use the online editor:

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This is the first full release version of Minecraft Script! The language has all the necessary features now. I am open for new suggestions nevertheless.

  • added: a brand new error handling system. If you find some nonsense errors please report an issue and I will fix it.
  • added: the function and run function feature. Read more about its capabilities here.
  • added: a few more debugging options with the debug keyword. Read more here.
  • added: a -fullErr flag for compile and watch to see full Errors and files references
  • changed: if an execute command is generated after an execute command they will be combined now.
  • changed: if an error accures in a file you will be notified and the other files generate nevertheless.
  • fixed: an load.mcfunction issue that it generates random stuff sometimes
  • fixed: modal calls inside modals should work again (thaks to coolsa)
  • fixed: the watch mode crashes no longer if an error accures
  • fixed: if a #file tag was added after commands the compiler used to create a file with the name of the first command
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  • added: multiline comments
  • added: global variables and .gl.mcscript files | Take a look at the documentation.
  • added: save the command response in a variable var test = run: command
  • added: a replace function on constant values and modals.
  • added: override keyword to change old modals
  • fixed: the common asat issue, should run now
  • fixed: while declaring the same variable twice, nothing generates
  • changed: the watch feature. Now it generates all files on change, not only the changed
  • changed the overall variable handling (but outputs are the same)

Related Examples:

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  • added a syntax highlighter to the online editor!
  • source code here
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  • added: Minecraft Cam datapack modals
  • added: Core Modal documentation
  • changed: the load.mcscript will automaticly generate the mcscript/load file and execute it
  • changed: the corresponding file generator for load.mcscript
  • changed: . are now allowed in variable names
  • changed: the mcscript folder will be automaticly deleted! save important files!!
  • fixed: the forWeb.js file
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  • changed: fixed asat to "at @s"
  • changed: raycasting is more accurate
  • changed raycast performance
  • added a not block operator for Raycasting
  • added raycast entity option
  • added raycast target option
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  • fixed: forEach function was written uppercase, which is not allowed by Minecraft
  • fixed: raycast score didn´t reset and messed up
  • added: now cases can accept a direct value instead of "== [value]"