PHP library for interconverting naturally camelCase and snake_case which include acronym.
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Intact Case for PHP

Software License

What's Intact Case

Intact Case is the rules for interconverting naturally camelCase|StudlyCaps and snake_case which include acronym.

camelCase / StudlyCaps snake_case
camelCase camel_case
SnakeCase snake_case
PHPUnit php__unit
getUTCDay get_utc__day

This library can interconvert camelCase|StudlyCaps and train-case.

camelCase / StudlyCaps train-case
forgetMeNot forget-me-not
WebkitFlexDirection -webkit-flex-direction


This is the PHP library of Intact Case. When you use this library, you must understand rules of Intact Case.

If you want to see more information, please see IntactCase.

Test Case

You can test this library on a browser.

  1. Open /test/test.php on a browser.
  2. View result of test cases.

If you want to test other cases, edit /test/intact_case_test.php and run.


IntactCase - Official page for Intact Case.