Moray Game Jam 2017 - A Game About A Lost Robot
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A Lost Robot

Moray Game Jam 2017 - A Game About A Lost Robot Requires:

  • Unity 2017.1.2f1
  • Wwise 2017.1.3.6377.812


  • Josh Hale
  • Stewart McCready


  • Shane Ellis


  • Rebecca Roe
  • Jacob Naylor

Wwise Setup

You will need to point it towards the correct version of Wwise

  • Edit -> Wwise Settings...
  • Modify Wwise Installation Path to point at your Wwise 2017.1.3.6377 install directory

Once hooked up, open the Wwise Picker Window -> Wwise Picker click refresh project, and then generate Sound banks. Now the project will be ready to play in editor. When you build our already setup pre/post hooks will import the sound banks for the correct platforms. We currently support iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows. It will also update the app version to the current git commit.

Debug Ui

Whilst in the game press F12 or touch 5 fingers on the screen to bring up the debug Ui. This gives some handy buttons for fake winning etc.


This repo uses git-lfs for large files therefore Githubs Download Zip button won't produce a usable download. If you are using 'Github for windows' or 'Gitkraken' download via cloning will work fine and pull all the required files from the github lfs server. There are precompiled versions of the game in the releases tab.