Game Originally made for Jamchester 2016
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Game Originally made for Jamchester 2016 TROPHIES PLEASE! Puzzle Micro-Management VR Game

You have won at life, at everything, and you just can't get enough of these trophies. The trophies are piling through the door and you have got to clean and care for them properly before putting them on your trophy shelf. As the day goes on more trophies keep coming through that letterbox.

Better get cleaning in the best VR game.

Requires Unity 5.5.2f1 an HTCVive, uses VRTK, (Included in repo)

Completed in 40hrs at the JamChester2016 Game Jam.

Using new clean repository to allow easier upgrade to a new version of unity and VRTK, and alot has been learned about git since the game jam. Orignal repository can be found here, please excuse the commits log game jam people are sleepy.