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Release alpha 1 is mainly intended as a proof of concept. A major lack is a smooth way to build it, since I did not setup any autotool-stuff yet. However, there are binaries for Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 64 and 32 bit. I could test the 64 bit one also on Ubuntu-based Linux Mint and it ran just like on LMDE, so it should work for Ubuntu as well. I suppose it would also work on other distributions. Additionally, the README contains some build instructions if you want to build JyNI yourself.
Don't expect it to be usable for much more than seeing that it works. Try out the demo extension and modify it like you want. The README tells you what should work and what not.
Unfortunately, behind the scenes the garbage collection is still broken, so native objects are not collected. For the demo-extension, this does not matter, but as I said - don't expect it to be usable for much more in this release.

Quickguide to run the demo using the binaries:

Extract JyNI-Demo/src/ from the sources.
To launch it with CPython, extract from the bin archive (32 or 64 bit, whatever is appropriate for your system). adds the extension folder via sys.path.append([path]).
You can modify that line so it finds your extracted or delete the line and put on the pythonpath.
If you launch with Jython, it won't work.
Put JyNI.jar, and on Jython's pythonpath or classpath. and can alternatively be placed somewhere on the Java library path.
Jython should now be able to run
This has been tested with Jython 2.7 beta 1. I believe, it would not work with older Jython versions, but haven't tried.