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Deze SQL voegt een extra tabel toe om 'headsigns' om te zetten in ric…

…htingen en routes per halte.
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1 parent 2a676e9 commit 796269c66f132e90c666d1b39a1d39f7ec8a37c6 @skinkie skinkie committed May 19, 2012
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@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+create table route_destination (routedest_id serial, route_id text, headsign text);
+insert into route_destination (route_id, headsign) with gvb as (select route_id, trip_headsign, rank, row_number() over(partition by route_id order by rank desc) AS rk from (select route_id, trip_headsign, count(*) as rank from gtfs_trips group by route_id, trip_headsign) as sub) select route_id, trip_headsign from gvb where rk <= 2;
+create table route_destination_stops (id serial, routedest_id integer, stop_id text);
+INSERT INTO route_destination_stops (routedest_id, stop_id) select distinct routedest_id, stop_id from gtfs_stop_times, gtfs_trips, route_destination where gtfs_stop_times.trip_id = gtfs_trips.trip_id and gtfs_trips.route_id = route_destination.route_id and gtfs_trips.trip_headsign = route_destination.headsign;
+CREATE INDEX route_destination_stops_idx ON route_destination_stops (stop_id);

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