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  1. basisregistraties basisregistraties Public

    One geocoding csv database to rule them all.

    Shell 27 7

  2. Koppelvlakken Koppelvlakken Public

    BISON Koppelvlakken

    Python 10 6

  3. opentls opentls Public

    Uw data is van u en niet van TLS.

    Python 7 2

  4. universal universal Public

    A set of tools supporting automatic ZeroMQ distribution

    C 4 5

  5. ndov-helpdesk ndov-helpdesk Public

    Registration form

    Python 2

  6. openebs2 openebs2 Public

    Tool to post real time changes and announcements for public transport lines with Dutch KV15 and KV17 protocols

    Python 2 1


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