Having fun with Siguza's v0rtex kernel exploit
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v0rtex type-S

A simple iOS app (including Xcode project) that can be used for testing Siguza's v0rtex kernel exploit. Implements some post-exploit "kppless" fun, leading to a working shell with ssh access.


A 64-bit device on iOS 10.3 - 10.3.3

What you get

  • task for port 0
  • kernel memory r/w
  • system partition r/w
  • AMFI/codesigning patch for included binaries
  • Dropbear SSH server listening on port 2222

Will this mess up my filesystem?

No. Files are installed to /v0rtex and /v0rtex/bins to avoid contaminating the filesystem. The only exceptions are: /bin/sh, and .profile files for root and mobile accounts.

Can I add my own binaries to test?

Yes. Copy them to the /binCreation/bins directory and run the packBins.sh script to create a new bootstrap.tar file, which you can use to replace the one in the project.




Currently includes offsets for:

  • iPhone9,3 (iPhone 7) on iOS 10.3.1
  • iPhone8,1 (iPhone 6S) on 10.3.2

To find your own offsets read this guide.

There are a few new offsets you will need to find:

OFFSET_ROOT_MOUNT_V_NODE: nm <kernelcache> | grep -E " _rootvnode$"

OFFSET_CHGPROCCNT: This offset references the string "chgproccnt: lost user"

OFFSET_ROP_LDR_X0_X0_0x10: Simply search for 000840f9c0035fd6 in hex.

OFFSET_KAUTH_CRED_REF: This can be found in the symbols table nm <kernelcache> | grep kauth_cred_ref


This project features work from a variety of people. Siguza for the exploit, xerub, ninjaprawn, PscyhoTea, others.