Assets 3
  • Added preliminary support for Incursion vials
  • Added new divination cards in 3.3.0
  • Added fix to invalidate recipes after refreshing all/used tab
  • Added support for fated uniques
  • Added option to skip refresh on login
  • Updated drop only gems
  • Added filters for shaper/elder items
Assets 3
  • Added support for pantheon souls
  • Added support for necromancy nets
  • Added support for refreshing only used tabs
  • Added support for missing items and base types
  • Added visual improvements for mirrored items
  • Added filter for unknown items
  • Fixed login failing due to GDPR change
  • Impoved handling of unknown items
  • Improved item hover handling

@Stickymaddness Stickymaddness released this May 7, 2018

Assets 3
  • Added support for Nets and Bestiary Orbs
  • Added filters for elemental damage with skills
  • Added ItemHoverAdorner to differentiate shaper White/Magic and Rare items
  • Added scrollwheel support to stashtab
  • Added new item type support
  • Updated throttling code
  • Fixed several rare set recipe bugs
  • Updated same name recipe to include abyss jewels
  • Updated completed recipe description to include number of completed sets
  • Optimized item matching
Assets 3
  • Added help link for sessionID
  • Added support for Stygian belts and Abyssal Jewels
  • Added support for expired characters
  • Added support for unknown items

@Stickymaddness Stickymaddness released this Dec 11, 2017

Assets 3
  • Added Essence stash tab support
  • Added alt hotkey for showing/hiding sockets
  • Added 3.1 divination card support
  • Added Lithe Blade support
  • Improved timeout when authentication fails
  • Improved search box layout
  • Improved status box layout
  • Fixed Saintly Chainmail being recognized as a dagger
  • Fixed crash related to null images
  • Fixed crash related to items with no sockets
Assets 3
  • Added Currency tab support
  • Added Divine vessel support
  • Added Offering to the goddess support
  • Added missing suppor for morning stars and Trisulas
  • Fixed issue with tabs incorrectly rendering as quad tab
  • Fixed issue with badly formatted sessionids
  • Fixed issue with offline mode attempting to download data
  • Fixed crash related to characters without tabs
Assets 3
  • Fixed bug stating update available when already on latest release

@Stickymaddness Stickymaddness released this Aug 3, 2017 · 2 commits to 248c4c674af227adda28660dbe418b4bd7a4bdf8 since this release

Assets 3
  • Replaced serializer with Json.NET