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Flickr Fixr

A browser extension to enhance the Flickr experience in your desktop web-browser.

Show photographer's albums on photostream-pages, Control speed of slideshows, Photographer's other photos by tag-links, Links to album-map and album-comments, Actually show a geotagged photo on the associated map (or on Google Maps!), Top-pagination, Newsfeed detection - And more!...

Install the Flickr Fixr browser extension:

Most detailed feature description can currently be found in the Flickr Hacks forum:

To create a browser extension from a branch in this repository, simply zip the content of WebExtension folder. Normally Flickr Fixr is a "cross-browser compatible" extension with the exact same plug-in (zip-file) distributed for Firefox, Chrome and Edge. However, in the period of transition from "Manifest version 2"- to "Manifest version 3"-type of webextensions, browser extensions for Firefox- and Chromium-based browsers will be created from different branches. There are now a branch for the deprecated "MV2 type" webextension. The master-branch is for "MV3 with background service worker" extensions (currently supported by Chromium browsers) and I might also make a branch for "MV3 with background page" extensions (supported by Firefox 109+). When Mozilla has implemented support for "background service workers" in Firefox webextensions, I expect to go back to make true "cross-browser compatible" releases from the master-branch only again.

Enjoy, and find me on Flickr at: