countdown to New Year, coded in C using the ncurses library
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Countdown in C

This project is a small countdown-timer to New Year, coded in C using the ncurses library.


  • automatically selects the next year transition, based on the system time
  • countdown in the format DDD HH:MM:SS
  • format changes as the time ticks away, eg. HH:MM:SS to MM:SS to SS to S
  • runs in the terminal
  • timer in ASCII-art
  • coded in C
  • uses the ncurses library
  • makefile included

How to use?

  1. compile the code, using the make file, or enter the compile command manually: make or gcc -o countdown countdown.c -lncurses -std=c99
  2. run the compiled executable: ./countdown


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).