Clone the PG-800 programmer for Roland JX-10, MKS-70 and JX-8P
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PG800C Synthesizer Programmer

Clone the PG-800 programmer for Roland JX-10, MKS-70 and JX-8P. Or get creative, here are some ideas for this library

PG-800C::buzz & possibilities

  • Ever wanted to tweak sounds on your Super JX-10, MKS-70 or JX-8P synth with real knobs but can’t afford the humongous price tag on PG-800?
  • Control your analog monster synth from your modular gear with CV?
  • Storing presets on SD cards (somewhat limited use as we can only store setting from PG-800 panel)
  • Create USB host with ATmega32U4 board so you can use modern midi controllers without proper midi connector to alter sounds on PG800 port.
  • How about using a ESP8266 Series MCU to create a Wi-Fi receiver to alter sound parameters on JX/MKS over your Wi-Fi network?

PG-800C::buzz for PG-800 owners

  • Merge CV inputs with PG-800 parameters sent to synth
  • Convert PG800 out data to MIDI to work as standard MIDI controller
  • Control multiple or selected JX/MKS from one PG-800 without the need for reconnecting wires?

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