A GUI for spectral-timing analysis of X-ray astronomical data.
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DAVE stands for Data Analysis of Variable Events, which is a GUI built on top of the Stingray library. It is intended to be used by astronomers for time-series analysis in general, and analysis of variable sources in particular.

The goal is to enable scientific exploration of astronomical X-Ray observations and to analyse this data in a graphical environment.

Get Started

  • Clone the project $ git clone https://github.com/StingraySoftware/dave
  • Install a Python virtual env and a compatible version of node: $ source setup/setup.bash
  • Run the application for development: $ setup/run_gui.bash
  • Or run the build script for Linux_X64 $ setup/build_linux-x64.bash for getting the distributable at DAVE build folder.

You will see that there's plenty left to do!

NOTE: Mac OSX dependencies

  • At least Homebrew installed (http://brew.sh/) or MacPorts installed (https://www.macports.org)
  • If MacPorts will be used, you have two available options:
  • 1 - Install LibMagic by yourself running this MacPorts command sudo /opt/local/bin/port install file on the terminal and then launch DAVE running DAVEApp.app/Contents/MacOS/DAVEApp.
  • 2 - Launch DAVE as root running this command on the terminal: sudo DAVEApp.app/Contents/MacOS/DAVEApp


Please talk to us! We use Slack to discuss the work. Use http://slack-invite.timelabtechnologies.com to self-invite yourself on the slack. Also, feel free to contact us at info@timelabtechnologies.com .

The recorded open issues for DAVE are in JIRA. More information about communication in the project can be found in Confluence.

Fork and pull request away!