A simple yet powerful JavaScript library for working with Web Audio
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A simple yet powerful JavaScript library for working with Web Audio



  • Full audio management including loading, playback, effects and processing
  • Abstracts differences across browsers such as file types and Web Audio support
  • Web Audio effects such as 3d positioning, reverb and frequency analysis
  • Handles inputs from audio files, media elements, microphone, oscillators and scripts
  • Falls back to HTMLAudioElement where Web Audio is not supported (e.g. IE 11 and less)
  • Pauses and resumes audio playback on page visibility changes
  • Handles initial touch to unlock media playback on mobile devices


npm install sono --save


Adding sounds to sono

New sounds are created through the createSound method.

If you pass in an array of URLs, sono will use the first one that matches the browser's capabilities:

var sound = sono.createSound(['audio/foo.ogg', 'audio/foo.mp3']);

You can pass a configuration object:

var sound = sono.createSound({
    id: 'foo',
    src: ['audio/foo.ogg', 'audio/foo.mp3'],
    volume: 0.5,
    loop: true

You can also supply media elements from the DOM (watch out for patchy browser support!):

var videoEl = document.querySelector('video');
var videoElSound = sono.createSound(videoEl);

Further examples, covering all valid sound sources

Adding effects

Effect and processing nodes can be chained to individual sounds or to the overall mix, via sono.effect or sound.effect.

sono extends native Web Audio nodes to add capabilities and make them easy to work with.

For example, apply a reverb effect to all sounds:

var reverb = sono.effect.reverb({
  time: 1,
  decay: 5
// change time, decay and reverse the reverb
reverb.time = 2;
reverb.decay = 6;
reverb.reverse = true;

Or apply an echo effect to a specific sound:

var sound = sono.createSound(['audio/foo.ogg', 'audio/foo.mp3']);
var echo = sound.effect.echo({
  delay: 0.8,
  feedback: 0.5
// change the delay time and feedback amount:
echo.delay = 0.5;
echo.feedback = 0.9;

Further examples and full list of effects

Further documentation

sound object api

loading sounds


Dev setup

Install dependencies:

$ npm install

Run tests:

$ npm install -g karma-cli
$ npm test

Build bundles:

$ npm run build

Watch and continuous tests:

$ npm start