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VK Photos (formally Photos for VK)

Swift 4.2 Release Version GPL 3.0 App Store Available

VK Photos is an iOS app for manage albums and photos in social network VKontakte (


Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3


  • ⚠️ The repository contains tons of comments and todos in Russian language
  • 🖼 I deleted all assets except App logo because the license agreements requires it
  • 🔬 This source code is not for production and not for distribution. I shared it just for educational purposes


  • Xcode 9 and later
  • iOS 11 and later
  • Swift 4 and later
  • Carthage

Try App

You can try VK Photos by downloading the app to your iPhone from App Store. It's free (iOS 11+ required)

AppStore Link


  • Create VK application:
  • Obtain your VK app ID and insert it into AppDelegate.swift
  • Run Carthage: $ carthage update --platform ios
  • You should add the compiled frameworks to your project manually
  • Install Firebase SDK: documentation (or just mute all Analytics calls, you probably dont need it)
  • Copy your GoogleService-Info.plist file to VKPhotos/ source directory
  • ...
  • and unfortunately no matter how perfect you are done you will not be able to run the application properly in the simulator

Why app doesn't display anything when running in simulator? (or just crash)

Because VK Photos app use many custom API calls.

To simplify the logic of the app in some places I wrote a lot of custom API methods using greate execute method. These methods are stored on the VK API servers and accessible only to my VK application. For obvious reasons, these methods I can not disclose.


  • Describe the structure of the repository
  • Add build scripts to installation instruction



Developed by Yury Smidovich.

I'm independent iOS and backend developer. Feel free to contact me.

I will be glad to collaboration. Or you can hire me.


VK Photos is available under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.