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The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size.
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.eslintignore tell eslint to ignore all node_modules folders Aug 28, 2018
.eslintrc.yaml update eslint's list of globals Dec 17, 2018
.flowconfig Revert "flowconfig: Remove react-native-linear-gradient exception" Mar 18, 2019
.gitattributes gitattributes: Use merge=union on Sep 18, 2018
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore android/app/ as well Apr 15, 2019
.npmrc disable npm lockfile generation Nov 2, 2017
.prettierignore update prettier to format package.json correctly Aug 28, 2018
.renovaterc.json enable renovate's lockfile deduplication mode Apr 11, 2019
.rubocop.yml rubocop: Stop complaining about tabs, and force width to 1 Feb 4, 2019
.travis.yml travis: Use xenial dist Nov 13, 2018
Brewfile Brewfile: Use single quotes Nov 14, 2018 update changelog May 13, 2019 rename CodeOfConduct to CODE_OF_CONDUCT Jun 12, 2017 Remove BugSnag from our project Mar 19, 2019
Gemfile authorize_ci_for_keys: Use netrc gem for netrc manipulation Apr 15, 2019
Gemfile.lock Update Ruby dependencies May 8, 2019
LICENSE Update copyright notices for 2018 Jan 1, 2018 REAMDE: Add instructions for Brewfile usage Aug 21, 2018
babel.config.js fix reference to metro-react-native-babel-preset Sep 18, 2018
dangerfile.js undo text replacement checking thing Nov 29, 2018
index.js import symbol and array method polyfills Aug 4, 2018
metro.config.js Revert "enable inline requires in metro bundler" Apr 15, 2019
package.json Merge pull request #3745 from StoDevX/renovate/react-native-tableview… May 18, 2019
yarn.lock Merge pull request #3744 from StoDevX/renovate/lock-file-maintenance May 18, 2019

All About Olaf

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The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size… rewritten in React Native.

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Getting Started

  • If you're on a system with the brew command, run brew bundle install to install the system dependencies. (Node, Ruby, Yarn, Watchman, etc.)
  • Install React Native
  • Install Yarn
  • Clone the repository
  • cd into your clone
  • Run yarn
  • For iOS: npm run ios
  • For Android: launch your favorite Android emulator first, then run npm run android


For full information, see

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