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Scrapes PaperCut web data and displays results via D3 in the browser.

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PaperCut Environmental Data Scraper

What is it?

This script fetches data provided by PaperCut, St. Olaf College's printing service, and scrapes each webpage containing the environmental impact per user based upon a list of usernames provided. The generated JSON file is then visualized within a D3 graphic inside of a webpage.

  1. The python script is dependent upon a list of usernames that is not provided on this repository (but data.json does have sample data with fake usernames that you can visualize). It is a CSV and lives within the data folder.
    • The format consists of: username, a new line, zero or more usernames.
    • The file is at data/campus.csv. This file must exist.
  2. You must have usernames within data/campus.csv.
  3. You must have Python 2.7 installed.
  4. You must have these libraries as well: BeautifulSoup.
    • You can install them with pip2 install -r requirements.txt


  1. Satisfy the invariants above.
  2. Run the data-scraping script located at scripts/py/
    • python2 scripts/py/
    • The data file is located at data/data.JSON in the case you would like to inspect it when it finishes.
  3. Open the index.html webpage in a local web browser to see the data visualized in a D3 graph.
    • Unfortunately, you must start a web server to be able to see the data.
    • If you have Python installed, you can run python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer in the repository's folder, then open http://localhost:8000 in a web browser.
  • Want to contribute? Great! We'd love to see what you can do. Show us what you got!
  • We make use of D3, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python for familiar web development.


Scrapes PaperCut web data and displays results via D3 in the browser.






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