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Descriptions of APIs for St. Olaf-related information
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st. olaf apis

Descriptions of APIs for St. Olaf-related information


  • St. Olaf Directory in XML format
  • St. Olaf Directory via LDAP
  • St. Olaf alias members
  • List of all St. Olaf aliases
  • St. Olaf Room API (partial)
  • BonApp cafe menus
  • BonApp cafe hours
  • BonApp food item details
  • St. Olaf calendars
  • KSTO stream status


  • Course Data (partial)
  • Building lat/long
  • Building hours (regular)
  • Building hours (breaks)
  • Break dates
  • Northfield Express live bus location
  • St. Olaf user auth
    • If we were able to make use of verifying a student username/password, we could create all kinds of neat interfaces that would work with student credentials.
  • St. Olaf room reservations api
    • Initially, just availability of a room at a time.
    • Ideally, details of the reservation (title, duration, etc) and ability to reserve.
  • Historic dates of graduation
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